Foreign investments
by: Juan Carlos Bustamante

Foreign investments... read more

Types of contracts with the state of ecuador
by: Antonio José Pérez

Learn the main types of contracts with the state of ecuador, their main characteristics and execution according to the principle of legality under ecuadorian law. ... read more

Banking regulation
by: Patricia Ponce

Know the principal governmental and regulatory policies that govern the banking sector in ecuador.... read more

Oil regulation
by: Roque Bustamante

Know the key commercial aspects of the oil sector in ecuador. Accreditation: Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. This article was first published in Getting the Deal Through – Oil Regulation 2018 (Published: July 2018). For further information please visit www.gettingthedealthroug... read more

Nuevas regulaciones para perforación de sondeos de prueba en el ecuador
by: Dr. Roque Bernardo Bustamante; Ab. Galo Sánchez

Mediante acuerdo ministerial no. 2018-0034, firmado el 28 de junio de 2018 por el ministro de minería (e) carlos pérez y publicado en registro oficial no. 315 de 29 de agosto de 2018, se acuerda permitir sondeos de prueba para las concesiones mineras que se encuentren en fase de exploración inicial.... read more

New regulations for scout drilling in ecuador
by: Dr. Roque Bernardo Bustamante; Ab. Galo Sánchez

By means of ministerial agreement no. 2018-0034, signed by acting minister of mines carlos pérez on june 28th, 2018 and published in official gazette no. 315, of august 29th, 2018, the scout drilling in the mining concessions that are in the initial exploration phase is now allowed.... read more

by: Juan Pablo Vélez

Novedades en el Sector Tributario del mes de Abril:

by: Juan Pablo Vélez

Novedades en el Sector Tributario del mes de Marzo:

Merger control
by: Roque Bernardo Bustamante, Juan Andrés Gortaire

Merger control regimes are adopted to prevent anti-competitive consequences of concentrations, therefore every country has their own regulations. through this article you will learn how merger control works in ecuador.... read more

Labour & employment 2016
by: Patricia Ponce

Get to know the main statutes and regulations relating to employment in Ecuador. ... read more

Private banking & wealth management 2017
by: Mario Flor, María Fernanda Sáa-Jaramillo, Alejandr

Law regulation, processes and conditions of private banking in Ecuador. ... read more

Mergers & acquisitions 2016
by: José Rafael Bustamante Crespo and Kirina González

The ecuadorian market is increasingly becoming the stage for several types of business combinations. we introduce the laws and regulations governing business combinations in ecuador. ... read more

Patent litigation chambers global practice guides
by: Sebastián Ignacio Donoso Bustamante

The ‘Law & Practice’ sections provide easily accessible information on navigating the legal system when conducting business in the jurisdic- tion. Leading lawyers explain local law and practice at key transactional stages and for crucial aspects of doing business. ... read more
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