Litigation and Dispute Resolution

For our team, each dispute is an opportunity for change inviting us to rethink the path for finding the best way to strengthen our clients’ interests.

We know that many disputes stem from a lack of communication and understanding. Therefore, we strive to comprehend the needs of the client in order to offer a variety of strategies until we find the best for the situation.

We thoroughly analyze each case. We define whether the solution may come from the parties themselves and propose mechanisms aimed at dialogue, bargaining, or mediation. If not, we determine whether more complex processes, such as judicial or arbitration, are required to ensure that clients' interests are effectively protected. 

Our expert litigation team always conducts itself under the principles of honesty, respect, and justice. We seek quick effective solutions because we know time is of essence to our clients. We choose the best road for defending their interests and have the best qualified attorneys. Let us be your ally.
  • Intellectual Property
  • Competition and Antitrust Practices
  • Strategic Sector
  • Commercial
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financial and Banking
  • Labor
  • Environmental
  • Arbitration
  • Public Law and Administrative Processes
  • Tax
  • Risk management and pre-dispute advice
  • Crisis Management and Strategy Design
  • Representation in court, out of court, and in arbitration
  • Post-litigation advice for preventing future risks
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