Stability in employment relationships could mark the difference between the success or failure of a business.  A decline in the employer-worker relationship may pose labor conflicts that could impair the company's good name. Our team strives to shield clients on all fronts.

We know that a corporation is nothing without its team.  For this reason, our advice is focused on consolidating solid and harmonious relationships between clients and their workforce. We conduct an analysis on the type of business and organizational culture of each company before defining the mechanisms for respecting labor rights and guaranteeing the accomplishment of business goals.

We advise our clients on creating a competitive and qualified team. We provide orientation for hiring employees to ensure compliance with current regulations.

  • Hiring and firing
  • Prevention of disputes and risk reduction
  • Compensation and severance
  • Employer obligations
  • Corporate transactions
  • Planning for individual and collective hiring
  • Drafting and analyzing employment agreements
  • Labor dispute management
  • Managing labor issues in corporate deals
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