Intelectual Property

Corporate identity is a company's most valuable asset. Our team works towards achieving that every trademark, invention, and creation have the necessary legal protection to ensure their integrity and market recognition. 

Bustamante & Bustamante is the leading Intellectual Property firm in Ecuador. The Firm's first team was its IP Department. Since 1956, our IP Department has been providing legal services for the registration of trademarks, licenses, and patents.

The team's commitment, excellence, and dedication are deserving of the trust of large multinationals who have found in our attorneys the support they need to accomplish their goals.

The work of our team consists of understanding the identity of each business, as well as the interests and goals of the creators of that identity before determining strategies for brand protection and market position.

Global means are being sought for IP protection. Our Firm has made great strides towards the digital era. 

Data Protection

This technological evolution demands that companies interact with new global communication tools, which poses a challenge for data protection. In the sphere of informatics, the risks are greater and demand more knowledge for protecting two key elements of corporate identity: data and intellectual property.

Our expert team works to protect those elements by ensuring that each company is set apart at the virtual market. The game rules are different. The network requires working with local and international legislation for guaranteeing a global effect.

The team's in-depth, specialized knowledge includes legal experience in the areas of technology, communications, digital means, data protection, licenses, and intellectual property.
  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Copyright
  • Industrial Property
  • Domain Names
  • Risk Protection
  • Franchise and Distribution
  • Litigation
  • Trademarks in Digital Communication Means
  • Technological Deals
  • Licenses and Software
  • Advertisement and Digital Communication
  • Registration of Trademarks, Trade Names, and Distinctive Marks
  • Licenses for Using Trademarks and Variations
  • Contracts
Traditionally strong in IP’, Bustamante & Bustamante is best known for its long-standing expertise in patents and trade mark registrations, yet it is gaining an increasing name for high-profile IT litigation.
The Legal 500 Latin America 2016

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