Corporate expansion and merger are subject to strict state controls aimed at preventing market abuse and antitrust activities. The team's experience and expertise enable our clients to overcome new market challenges, while keeping up their level of fair competition.

We understand that competitiveness is presently pillared on social well-being and consumer benefits. Therefore, in each project in which we provide legal assistance, we conduct a prior analysis of the project's effects on the market and find the mechanisms needed to give a green light to each deal.

The firm's relations with state institutions enable us to liaison our clients with regulatory authorities so as to generate a permanent dialogue, ascribing adequate solutions for maintaining required competition standards.
  • Planning and regulation for the introduction of new investments in the local market
  • Control of Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Preventive contractual advice
  • Assistance in business transactions
  • Obtaining permits from the Regulatory Authority
  • Audit and Due Diligence Processes
  • Competition litigation
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